Critical Illness Insurance

A minor monthly fee that can easily fit into your budget, can end up being what saves you from going bankrupt in your future.

No one plans for illness, because no one wants illness to be a part of their plans. But it happens. Everyone always seem to be fit and healthy, until they are not. Sometimes you can all the right things and still end up getting sick. And if it happens, it is better to have a plan.

Without a plan, you could be forced to use up your savings or end up borrowing money from banks, family or friends, without knowing when or even if you will be able to pay it back. And worrying about money during a time of illness is the last thing you need.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What if you are a business owner, what would happen to your business if you were too sick to maintain it? What if you have young children who depend on you to take care of them?

Critical illness insurance covers individuals from some of the most common illnesses; heart attack, stroke, cancer as well as others. (You should always check with your insurance providers as to what illnesses they cover).

A sudden illness can knock you off your feet, disrupt your life, and leave you unable to work and continue to earn and provide for yourself and others for an unknown amount of time. Critical illness insurance is something that we should all be thinking about.