Starting your adult life right, with life insurance.

In your twenties and not even thinking about life insurance? You might want to think again.

There are so many reasons to start thinking about life insurance early, and one of the best reasons, is that it will save you money.

Now this might sound a little strange, so let us explain. You might be thinking that your twenties is no time to be worrying about the future. It is a time to travel, get work experience or focus on paying off your student loans. And we don’t disagree.

But it is easier than you think to find a way to start paying into life insurance, and you will be so happy that you did. Why wait until you are in your late thirties and suffering from hypertension or high cholesterol to get life insurance, when you can lock down a much more affordable rate in your twenties?

Some health problems that can start to show in your thirties:


-High cholesterol

-Type 2 diabetes

-Heart disease

It may seem so counterintuitive, but the best time to think about life insurance is when you are in top health and your healthiest self. And for most people, that’s when they are in their twenties.  

Getting life insurance in your twenties isn’t about worrying about the future, it’s about getting ahead of the game and finding yourself with more savings in your thirties, which means more more money in your bank account in the future.